Sound Systems

To provide you with the most appropriate music volume for your party, we have several available professional sound systems. With the popularity of Compact Discs, never before has consistent, high quality music been so readily available. Older sound systems that might have been acceptable with records, or cassette tape just do not cut it any more. Crystal clarity, crisp vocals, accurate recordings of acoustical instruments, thunderous bass, and no background hiss make much greater demands on Professional Sound Systems.

While chest pounding thunderous music might not be what is required for your party, we would not be providing you; our customer; adequate service if all our packages were not capable of that power. We may never need it at your party, but it is nice to know that it's there if needed. Most people are surprised to see how loud they like the music; if they have a packed dance floor full of their friends dancing up a storm!

To meet this challenge, we use high quality, high efficiency, professional audio equipment. Speakers are usually the weakest link in any audio chain. In our basic packages suitable for audiences of up to 300 people, we usually supply a 300 watt sound system. Efficiency is crucial with the large dynamic range of some music. To deliver suitable volume during quiet passages, yet not overload during loud passages there must be a large reserve capacity. Our gear has that capability.

For larger rooms, or 300 to 500 guests, we add additional 18" bass speakers and an additional amplifier to help supplement bass passages that might otherwise be lost in larger rooms.

Our Professional 2,000 watt sound system that is included with the Heavy Duty packages delivers Sound Pressure Levels in excess of 120 Db on the dance floor when needed. That is true Night Club volume. In our packages with our exclusive "Quick-fold" 24 foot truss based light show we fly the Mid-High speakers to give you better coverage with much less echo in your room. This Diagram helps explain the reasons better. Other DJ companies just do not provide that edge. We include it with our Extravaganza and Video Roadshow packages at no additional charge!

Give us a try, and you will not be disappointed!

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