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We offer a superior way of providing you with crystal clear sound with a minimum of echo. The typical large gym or hall is a box with hard reflective walls. Echoes can last for up to several seconds. With our exclusive approach, we strive to minimize the echo in your gym.

Other entertainers place their speakers on the stage. They typically have a constant directivity wide dispersion horn with a response pattern of up to 90 degrees vertically, and 120 degrees horizontally. This drawing shows what typically happens vertically. About half way back in the gym, Echoes start to become obvious, and near the back of the hall, they become a real problem.

Image of typical sound

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We have a different way of filling your gym with sound. We "Fly" or elevate our mid-high speakers on our lighting truss. This allows us to angle the speakers down into the audience; minimizing the amount of echo. We have also chosen to use controlled dispersion speakers that allow us to direct the sound further, giving us the ability to cover your dance floor better. The method works! Just look at the way sound systems are set up at concerts by leading experts.

Image of our sound distribution

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We can do this since we use only Professional, Heavy Duty lighting truss and lifts. We can lift our 24 foot long truss up to 24 feet in the air. In fact, the cost to replace our lifts is more than most of our competitors spent on their entire "Intelligent" Light Show!

These subtle differences all add up to a superior dance experience with Mike's Music Machine!

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