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We bring to your function one of the largest Video Music Libraries anywhere!

Time for some facts. All of the legitimate Video Dance Party operators get their music from only 4 sources in Canada. There are 3 Video pools that produce tapes for use by VJ's like us, and one pool that produces tapes for it's own shows. We are proud to be a member of the RPI Video Pool for the last 12 years.

The two pools put out about the same service each month. This means the only real difference between mobile music libraries is how long the company has subscribed to it's service. That's where our 12 year membership is a real advantage over the companies who hop back and forth. Our involvement in the Cheer DJ Pool also allows us to obtain straight from the record companies additional Video's that might not make it to the service for some time, or special back selections that are in limited availability. Not only do we have more Videos to choose from, we have many tracks that just are not available to the other guys. Just another example of our commitments to providing you with your "Best Entertainment Value".

Mike's Music Machine
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