Light Show Safety

There are many styles and sizes of light shows out there. They all boil down to two styles. "A Tree" style where all the fixtures are attached to a crossbar on top of a tripod stand. Inexpensive, and small are the advantages. The disadvantages are that they "clump" all the effects in one or two places, and there is large weight atop a long stick, with a small base. In simple terms, very top heavy, and can be unstable if bumped into.

The other is a "Truss Based" style. The goal is to copy what is done at large concerts. It spreads out the lighting effects across your stage, and looks much larger. It also works much better. The trouble is that many dance companies use different things for their "Truss". The most common and inexpensive is old triangular TV antenna tower sections. We've all seem them. The trouble with them is that they were designed and manufactured to support a small load Vertically not span large distances, heavily loaded Horizontally.

We use rectangular truss sections that were designed to span distances, and made only for just that. In fact our Light Show is based on a 24 foot section of swing stage. We've all seen them before hanging outside large office buildings with workers on them. If they are safe enough for people many stories in the air, then they have to be OK for our lights.

Then we use "Genie SuperTowers" to elevate and support our show. Genies are very expensive, but we will never compromise safety to cut costs. You could buy an entire light show for what our Genies cost. Why we need to use them is their large lifting capacity (650Lbs each) and the fact that they go up to 24 feet tall! Our light show truly "Towers Over The Rest!" The small tripod stands used by most companies are just not suitable for many of the light shows that use them. Rated at 150Lbs max load, a pair can support 300Lbs. I've seen many shows in schools in the 600Lb range on these same stands. Clearly Overloaded! With our rated capacity of 1,300 Lbs (almost 3/4 of a Ton) we have the lifting capacity to safely support our truss and speakers.

Picture of our Truss folded up for transport. Picture of one of our Genie Super Towers

Just another reason why we can call ourselves "Your Best Entertainment Value"

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