ANSI White lumens

The American National Standards Institute has defined a fair method to measure and rate the brightness or intensity of Video Projectors in a unit of measure called lumens.

There has been a need for a standard way to measure video projector brightness for some time. Each manufacturer had different methods of testing their product. Some makers were honest and gave you real world values. Others, like a company in Europe that makes products use by one of our national competitors are less than honest. They defeat the safeties and drive it so hard that it self-destructs. They measure the peak output just before it self-destructs, and that is their value. This is clearly a value that will never be achieved by an end user. It is also roughly 4 or 5 times what the ANSI white value is. The practice is misleading, yet totally legal; for now.

The ANSI white method of measuring brightness; in simple terms is this. Set up a sharp, focused image, then feed the projector an image that is all white. Measure the intensity. Most of the 3 lens video projectors will have a peak output that is high when only 10% of the screen is driven. This would be the peak brightness, similar to the speed of a sprinter doing the 100 Yard dash. Take the same runner and have him run 1000 Yards, and watch the average speed drop. With video projectors, the peak (less that 10%) brightness is much higher that full long term brightness (ANSI white). With most 3 gun projectors, the ANSI white value is less that one third of their published peak white intensity.

Our Eidophor projector is based on a different, Oil Light Valve, and does not suffer from the same tendencies as most three gun CRT projectors. It is rated at 3,600 lumens with a bulb at 60% of it's rated life. With fresh consumables, it will likely produce over 4,000 lumens with a sharp, crisp, usable picture.

It is our Eidophor; the only one in Canada, and our exclusive Gladiator line of video projectors that allow us to claim to be "Canada's Largest, Brightest Video Dance Party". Others make the same claim, but their best is about one tenth of our machines.

That's why we supplied our Eidophor with a 180" image for the Gemini Awards. We were the only people in Canada that could supply a screen that size that would look good on a fully lit television stage! That's why we supplied a 25' screen to Kingswood Music Theater in Canada's Wonderland that you could see colour bars on at 4 in the afternoon!

When you hear outstanding claims, ask to see proof. If it can't be provided, then are they telling the truth?? What else are the other guys misleading you on ?

Just something to think about.

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